SAIL Global Advisors LLC

SAIL created a new business in 2017 that we call “SAIL Global Advisors LLC.”  Our driving force was to achieve greater impact as an investor by advising a few of the largest investors in the world. This result evolved from a two year study of various alternatives in our quest to go beyond venture capital but not exclude it.

In October 2015 SAIL began the process of exiting its venture capital portfolio and transitioned through a period of experimentation with different advisory and merchant banking business models. In 2017 SAIL decided to form a new investment advisory business in a new legal entity that allows clients to benefit from our expertise in both law and corporate finance and our team’s knowledge of diverse areas of sustainable investment. At the same time, in listening to our new clients, we developed a broader understanding of investment ideas and projects and learned to think of energy and other global resources in the context of the total spectrum of efficiency.

Today we serve in strict confidence as both the investment and legal advisors to a small number of global family offices, corporations and sovereign funds with regard to innovative projects and companies in energy, power, infrastructure, water purification, biotechnology, medical and healthcare data analytics and other sustainable investment projects throughout the world.

We have learned that it is counterproductive to have complicated legal fund arrangements or to serve too many investors. The complexity leads to excessive internal focus of resources and too little focus on achieving financial returns.

We are focused on advising large global investors on unique energy, water and infrastructure projects that will define our new path for years to come. We will concentrate our resources on achieving extraordinary results for our clients.