Investment Strategy

SAIL‘s Sustainable Innovation Investment Strategy

We have developed a unique investment process that seeks to identify high return opportunities at relatively low risk. This model follows several of our internally developed guidelines, including:

  • Co-invest with high value added Partners
  • Focus on companies with customers under contract and rising revenues
  • Give priority to customer-focused companies with realistic potential for positive cash flow

Our team also benefits from exclusive access to a number of non-auction opportunities offered to us because of our reputation for adding value.

Unique Insight
The profound background and experience in sustainable innovation of our Partners provides us with a unique insight into the ultimate success of those investments we take into consideration. Our partners have led pioneering sustainable innovation companies, created major environmental policies in force today, and led transactions in this category before cleantech and sustainability became defined concepts.

For example, Walter Schindler, with extraordinary depth and breadth of experience in corporate finance and mergers & acquisitions, was involved in the first United States IPO of an renewable energy company.

Walter Schindler’s Bio >

To learn more about how we invest, read the slide deck from his most recent speech, “The Evolution of Impact Investing“.