Paul Anastas, Ph.D.

Paul Anastas is a former Assistant Administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for Research and Development and also served concurrently as the EPA’s Science Advisor from 2010-2012. Prof. Anastas now serves on the faculty of Yale University with an appointment in the chemistry department, the department of chemical and environmental engineering and the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies as the Teresa and H. John Heinz III Professor in the Practice of Chemistry for the Environment.  He is widely known as the “Father of Green Chemistry” for his work in founding the field of designing chemicals that have reduced toxicity and processes that produce less waste.  He has published over a dozen books of the science and engineering of sustainability and has been recognized by a number of national scientific societies and the Council of Scientific Society Presidents for “Outstanding Scientific Leadership” in 2008.

Paul previously served in the White House in both the Clinton and G.W. Bush Administrations, where he held posts in the Office of Science and Technology Policy, including Assistant Director where he had responsibility for environmental issues. He is the co-founder of the Green Chemistry Institute now located within the American Chemical Society and served as its director from 2004-2006.  

Since 2007, Paul has served as a partner in the sustainability consulting group, Sustainability A to Z, that assists clients from personal care, pharmaceuticals, large retail, and energy sectors to develop and operationalize their sustainability strategies. Anastas is also the co-founder of a start-up chemical company based in New Haven, CT, P2 Science, that specializes in renewable, bio-based chemicals including surfactants, material building blocks, flavors, and fragrances.